Ballerific Relationships – When He Stops Calling By: @milagreee

“She’s absolutely insane, she’s crazy. I swear she calls my job when I don’t answer my phone. I don’t even know how she got my office number! I caught her driving by my house when she lives 15 miles away! I live on a dead end!” These are the actual words from a male’s point of view describing what he deemed to be a girl totally off her rocker.

What this gentleman left out of his story was that he drove her to these extremeties. They might be a tad over the top but what men don’t seem to realize is that women are emotional creatures, meaning that they do not react logically when in a heighten state of emotion but rather recklessly especially when they feel they are being played. This man seduced this woman, brought her flowers, walked her to her door after dates, sent flowers to her job, called her every night to make sure she made it home safe and bombarded her with text messages about his day. The problem is that once she felt secure enough in his arms so to speak, she started to reciprocate. She would answer all phone calls, check up on him during the day, and bring him lunch to work. He slowly but surely started to lose interest in her because she no longer became a challenge.

Now, women are extremely emotional as I said before and that’s completely undeniable but men on the other hand are logical creatures. When they see that a woman is going to such lengths to obtain his attention when he no longer wants to give her the same attention that he once did, he deems her as certifiable. Once you’re certifiable in a healthy man’s mind, you are no longer attractive.

For example: this woman that has been unfortunately deemed insane by this man, is under the impression (due to his actions and words) that he really likes her and that they are on the brink of starting what could possibly be a solid relationship. She was told that he was falling for her and she felt as though he courted her the way she wanted to be courted. She felt as though it was only natural to reciprocate his actions.

This is when she realizes that he is pulling away from her. He stops texting her back as fast as he used to, making up lame excuses as to why he couldn’t get to the phone. He stops calling her and she has to be the one to make all of the initial contact. This is extremely confusing and she might be a tad naïve in the sense that she doesn’t understand this game that he is playing. He has lost interest but this certain man is too much of a coward to tell her up front that he is no longer interested in her. Instead, he keeps making up excuses and cancelling dates because he has to “babysit” or he has a “work dinner.” The problem with the answers that he’s giving her is that it gives her hope that they could rekindle what they had. These excuses could be plausible, making her give him the benefit of the doubt.

The longer she waits to see him, the more upset she becomes. Since the excuses are plausible, she starts to feel anger within and cant express it to him for the fear of sounding insane. This is when she absolutely looses it, calling his work number when he doesn’t reply to texts. This is when she becomes “the crazy girl.”

This poor girl isn’t crazy, she just happened to get caught up in her emotions and what happens after  isn’t rational so men call it insanity. It might not even be the woman, I don’t want to put it on her. The man might be emotionally unavailable, dating someone else he is more interested in, or just not ready for a relationship but when a man starts to pull back, let him. It’s his loss not yours  and he should never be allowed to refer to you or any woman for that matter as crazy for the repercussions of his own falsities. Obviously he’s the one with the issues, not you. 

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