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Do you notice that the age of marriage is slowly but surely rising? After watching a video that summed up the economy and its influence in marriage, it reaffirmed the power of women for me. Women hold the key to the one thing that men will do anything for, sex. The problem comes into play when women allow men to make no effort and do the minimal work in order to attain what it is that they value so much.  Women teach men how to behave towards them. By allowing men to slack off and devalue (in a way) women as a gender, women have allowed men to realize that they can still obtain sex without having to ever even consider marriage.  Men aren’t scared of commitment they just don’t really have a rush to get there. The more eligible the bachelor, the more choices he technically has.

The birth control pill was invented to reduce the amount of unwanted pregnancies cultivated in our society but  what this magical invention has amounted to is to create a society where sex is taken lightly and women tend to give men what they want without the work that should come with it. Before you go off and attack, no one is saying that women shouldn’t have sex because they enjoy it. By all means, if a life of sex without commitment is one that you are after, pursue it. But when speaking in terms of long-term commitment, men are in the driver seat, like it or not. No one is saying that this is how it should be, but this is just the reality of the times we live in.

While women have the upper hand in being stingy with the goodies in the short term relationship, men have the upper hand in the long term because the amount of women who want to have a committed relationship out number men.  This has turned women into competition with each other as opposed to being the support that each other needs. Women are always competing with each other because in this time and age, they don’t really have any other option. Women’s fertility decreases with age while men can procreate till possibly their 60’s. If they can have sex, without procreation and/or commitment, what would be the rush? Until women stick together and tell men that they have to work for it, there will be no change in the amount of marriages and the ages in which they do happen. Men have realized that if they can’t get it from you, they can get it from someone else. 

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