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[ Brandon Browner (#39) signed with the NE Patriots this year. His vacancy in the quad has been filled by emerging CB- Byron Maxwell (#41)]

The Super Bowl champions – the Seattle Seahawks scored last week when arguably the best corner back in the league, Richard Sherman, was selected to grace the cover of Madden 15( YEEEEEES)! This is a great way to transition into the upcoming season. However, Sherman doesn’t just want to bask in the honor alone . He wants his teammates , specifically the LEGION OF BOOM (#LOB), to grace the cover as well. Critics say that Sherman should just stop complaining and be grateful. [PAUSE::: Ungrateful? This is a simple request/suggestion. Remind me to send digital copies of Webster’s dictionary to these education delinquents who have such authority in social media]. Supporters ( myself included::: Yes I still ride for MY TEXANS) see this as great sportsmanship and appreciation to the team that helped him get to this point. Sherman is a phenomenal player in his own right, but Sherman could not be the force he is without exquisite players Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and Byron Maxwell serving impeccable defense in that secondary. This defense (Brandon Browner included) is what destroyed the Denver Broncos (R.I.P. to the Bronco’s pride) in the championship game.

Kam Chancellor # 31
SS (Strong Safety)
99 Tackles, 1 forced fumble and 3 interceptions

Byron Maxwell #41
CB (Corner Back)
28 Tackles, 1 forced fumble and 4 interceptions

Richard Sherman #25
CB (Corner Back)
48 Tackles and 8 interceptions

Earl Thomas #29
FS (Free Saftey)
105 Tackles, 2 forced fumbles and 5 interceptions

You could argue that some players perform a smidge better than others, but what can not be denied is that collectively this quad is awesome. It’s not like EA Sports hasn’t placed multiple players on the Madden cover before. The 2010 edition featured the Pittsburg Steelers eyecandy- Troy Polamalu and the Arizona Cardinals wide reciever-Larry Fitzgerald. Why not incorporate this legendary defense? Seahawks defense does what most wish, which is force fumbles and convert on interceptions. [I shed a tear for my Texans in week four when Sherman caught that pick six . He ran that interception back with one shoe on. One shoe! I need a moment… *deep sigh*]

Why is EA Sports giving so much opposition?

There is this thing called tradition. Some critics believe that the tradition of one player gracing the cover should remain in tact. To those traditionalists, why was it acceptable to break tradition for Madden 10? Realistically it boils down to money. A perk for appearing on the cover comes in the form of currency. EA Sports isn’t convinced that the Legion Of Boom will generate profits great enough to substantiate the paying of the three additional players. From a marketing perspective, I think the company isn’t focusing on the right aspects. EA Sports could flip this as being revolutionary and ground breaking, with it being the first in its storied lineage. EA Sports could spin this as limited edition. Who wouldn’t want a limited edition Madden15 with the reigning Super Bowl champs on it? EA Sports is a corporate powerhouse (look at the monopoly on athletic games). Rule 101 in Powernomics : the market doesn’t necessarily purchase what it needs, but what it thinks it needs. The concept of exclusivity comes to mind. EA Sports isn’t seeing the marketing concepts. If paying the four separately is a big deal, Sherman could always split his pay. That would be a win-win for EA Sports. I’m certain The Legion of Boom will still eat if they missed a few additional coins. It’s an opportunity to make history and for the Seattle players to transcend into legendary brands outside of the NFL.

Maybe my brain works a little different, but I when I see opportunity in the business realm, I see money. Leverage all opportunities!

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