Ballerific Sports: Knicks Looking to Trade Carmelo Anthony


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It’s no secret that the Knicks are bad. After experiencing their worst season ever just a couple of years ago, the team has barely improved. Having won only four of their games this month, it’s clear that things are not exactly looking up for Phil Jackson’s squad. Yet, despite the turmoil in New York, Knicks star forward Carmelo Anthony has insisted time and again that he wants to stay with the team.

However, it appears that the Knicks have other plans. Jackson reportedly wants to ditch Anthony, whose performance has been steadily declining, and rebuild the team around the much younger Kristaps Porzingis.  Over the past couple of days, the Knicks have been in talks with the Clippers, Celtics, and the Cavaliers. According to ESPN, the Knicks already reached out to the Cavs to try and trade Anthony for Kevin Love, but they declined. In the trade talks between the Knicks and the Clippers, Los Angeles has already ruled out giving up Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, or DeAndre Jordan to New York, but they would be willing to deal another one of their players. As for the Celtics, the Knicks would be looking to get one of Boston’s younger players or a first-round draft pick in return for Anthony. However, in order for any trade to go through, Anthony would first have to waive the no-trade clause that is embedded in his contract. While he has seemed pretty adamant about staying put in New York, sources expect him to forego the clause if the right team wants him.

The NBA’s trade deadline is February 23, so if the Knicks are serious about getting rid of Anthony, they have a little less than a month to get a deal done. Where do you think Melo will end up?

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