Ready Fi Di Road! Carnivals To Attend This Spring and Summer
Nassau, Bahamas – December 26, 2022: The men in a traditional costume during a Junkanoo parade in the Bahamas.

Ready Fi Di Road! Carnivals To Attend This Spring and Summer

Carnival season is upon us. And if you’re looking to go, look no more. Here is a breakdown of Caribbean carnivals, dates, and suggestions.

St Maarten (April 30th & May 1st)

Self-proclaimed as ‘The biggest and best Carnival in the North Eastern Caribbean,’ SXM Carnival is a three-week celebration. The cultural event ends with two days of colorful parades as Carnival attendees come together to fill in the capital, Philipsburg, to celebrate, reported. This year, events kick off April 18 – May 5, with main events, such as the Carnival Grand Parade, scheduled for Tuesday, April 30, and the Labor Day Parade on Wednesday, May 1.

Jamaica Carnival (April 3rd-9th)

Similar to Trinidad but with a Jamaican flare, Jamaica holds its annual Carnival that attracts more than 100,000 guests, locals, and tourists, reported. The events spread out all over the island, including Kingston, Negril, and Montego Bay. This year’s Carnival will start April 3rd and end April 9th.

Bahamas Carnival (May 16-May 20th)

Not to be confused with Junkanoo Parades of the Bahamas is Bahamas Carnival. A new Caribbean carnival that is also known as Mas in Paradise. This year’s Carnival parade of bands takes place on Saturday, May 18th, 2024, typically starting mid-morning and ending after sunset. This carnival also goes into the weekend, reported.

Atlanta Carnival (May 25th)

The Atlanta Caribbean Carnival is committed to offering vibrant cultural and artistic expressions of the Caribbean. This year’s annual event will take place on May 25 and marks the 37th anniversary of Atlanta’s official Caribbean Carnival. There will be a street parade, festival, and Caribbean cuisine.

Houston Caribbean Carnival (June 25th -July 7)

Starting July 3 and ending July 7 is the Houston Caribbean Festival, which brings vibrance and energy to its Caribbean annual event. For 23 years now, the city as attracted thousands of attendees to celebrate the culture of the Caribbeans. There will be parades, parties, and more to attend.

Saint Lucia Carnival (July 1st – 17th, 2024)

St. Lucia will celebrate its Carnival starting July 7. Locales and tourists can enjoy seven days of Caribbean-inspired fun on the island.  The festivities begin in the days leading up to the main event (street parade). There will be a variety of parties and celebrations taking place across the entire island. St. Lucia Carnival (previously called the Lucian Mas) celebrates St. Lucia’s rich Caribbean culture and heritage.


Caribana, Toronto, Canada (August 1st -5th)

Caribana has been taking place in Toronto every year since 1967. It is a festival celebrated during the August long weekend that attracts over a million tourists to the city. The main carnival parade takes place on Saturday, August 3rd, in downtown Toronto at Exhibition Place & Lakeshore Boulevard. However, Caribana parties start from Thursday, August 1st. As summer arrives in Toronto, Caribana 2024 emerges as one of the biggest festivals in the city, with its vibrant colors, pulsating rhythms, and cultural celebrations.

Grenada Spice Mas (August 1st-13th, 2024)

Spanning two weeks in August, Grenada’s Spicemas celebration traces its roots back to the 1800s, blossoming into a vibrant extravaganza of music, dance, and rich cultural displays. From spirited parades to lively competitions, from dazzling pageantry to delectable culinary delights and abundant rum, the festivities offer a kaleidoscope of experiences. The entire Caribbean island unites as locals and visitors alike revel in the joyous atmosphere, making it an ideal time for tourists to fully immerse themselves in the essence of Grenada. Highlights include the electrifying Jab Jab Fest, the takeover of Soca bands in the “10 to 10” event, the delightful Children’s Carnival Frolic and Junior Calypso Monarch, Pree Day festivities, the prestigious National Carnival Queen Show, and a plethora of other captivating events sure to leave lasting memories.


West Indian Day Parade, Brooklyn, NY, September 5

The West Indian American Day Parade has been an annual tradition in New York City since the 1920s. Every year on Labor Day, Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights is filled with vendors of various kinds and people who cheer, dance and watch the colorful floats, bands, and masqueraders (people playing mas) go by. The parade is the highlight of a weekend of festivities and it honors Caribbean culture, brings together the community, and serves as a moment to reflect on the contributions and history of its people.

Miami Broward Carnival October 5th, 11th-13th

Miami Broward Carnival offers an unparalleled cultural immersion, blending the vibrant traditions of Carnival with the allure of Miami, set against the backdrop of Columbus Day Weekend in October. This annual extravaganza boasts four distinctive events: Junior Carnival, Panorama, J’ouvert, and a spectacular Parade & Concert, attracting attendees from around the world eager to revel in the richness of Caribbean culture.


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About Crystal Gross

Crystal joined BallerAlert in 2020 to renew her passion for writing. She is a Kentucky native who now lives in the heart of Atlanta. She enjoys reading, politics, traveling, and of course writing.

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