Ballerific Travel: Top Destinations To Travel Solo

Ballerific Travel: Top Destinations To Travel Solo

Traveling alone isn’t for everyone, but despite the challenges, a trip away in solitude can be refreshing and replenishing for some.

For one, when you travel solo, you have the freedom to wing it or be type A structured; you can go where you want and explore how you want. Whether you’re heading out for a multicountry trip or taking a quick weekend getaway, the world has much to offer you.

There are several destinations just right for solitude that offer a lot of activities and a safe environment. Check out some destinations that made the list.

South America

If you’re down for an adventure, look no further. The continent is the home of many countries, like Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, and Colombia. It’s a hot spot for mountain climbers, river rafters, and those who want to explore ancient ruins and jungles. And if you’re fearless, you can take your try at biking down Bolivia’s renowned Death Road.

Solo travelers are likely to meet others once there. Plus, there is a general welcoming vibe from the locals.

Ubud, Indonesia

Ubud is for those wanting to connect with their inner self. Lonely Planet listed the destination amongst its list of spots. Bali can easily be seen as majestic. The island is widely known for being the epicenter of spirituality. The location’s tranquil atmosphere allows you to rejuvenate and recharge while also learning more about yourself on an unprecedented level.

Partake in the many morning yoga classes or join a holistic class to further your skills at meditation.


With its natural beauty and pristine architecture, there’s no doubt scenic lovers see why the European country made the list. Although not much English is spoken in Italy, one can surely bond with the culture. Known for its authentic Italian cuisines, dining is a must, and if you’re traveling solo, you don’t have to share. The country is filled with history, art, beautiful landscapes, and coastlines—a paradise for those craving a different culture.

If you’re in Venice, you must take a Gondola ride and snap some epic pictures.


Think “Crazy Rich Asian” lifestyle. If you like luxury and the city skyline, Asia is where you want to go. Travel Wanderlust put Singapore on the list of places to go solo due to the destination being a multi-racial city and the fact that it’s an easy place to adapt to. Notably, the city is not the most cost-friendly place to go but YOLO.

Try the infamous infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands. It has unmatched views of the country.

Barcelona Spain

The home of many beautiful buildings and famous beaches, Barcelona has a lot to offer just you. It has a thriving nightlife and of course a lot of shopping. But possibly one of its biggest perks is that the location is well connected.

You can visit three countries in a single day with a one-day tour to Baga in Spain, Ax-Les-Thermes in France, and Andorra, which is doable in 12 hours.

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