Ballers & Knives Don’t Mix: Remember When Jason Hunter Got Stabbed?

A couple  of months ago Baller Alert reported thatJason Hunter of the Detroit Broncos had been stabbed by his girlfriend. Details on the stabbing had been kept quiet, well until today. Wait until you find out WHY he was stabbed! SMH


According to USA Today


Hunter told police the woman waved the knife and told him to stay back before throwing it “on accident” during the morning of April 27, according to the six-page report obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.


She then took her boyfriend to receive medical treatment and later was arrested “after being pointed out by hospital security,” the report said.


The officers who wrote the report said the girlfriend was angry about having found a bag of cellphones, which Hunter claimed “were not his and belonged to his boy.”


Detroit police have said only that Hunter had been stabbed and taken to a local hospital for treatment. Hunter’s agent, Robert Walker, said afterward that the player required several stitches.


Hunter, 27, was injured only days after police in Florida said Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall (FSY), a former Broncos player, was stabbed with a kitchen knife by his wife, who said she was acting in self-defense.


Ballers, if you’re going to do dirt keep your women out the kitchen! Ballers and knives don’t mix! 

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