Balling On A Budget: EGO Alabama Long Boot vs. Balenciaga

Ballin’ On A Budget: EGO Alabama Pointed Toe Long Boot vs. Balenciaga Spandex Thigh High Boot

There are quite a few designer items that many want to add to their wardrobe, but unfortunately the items are way out of their budget. There are many sites or stores that sell designer inspired items with great quality and at an affordable price. You can find inspired pieces from stores like H&M, Zara, ASOS, and Steve Madden. Be sure to also add EGO to your list of favorites!

If you desire to look fashionable, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, check out today’s Balling On A Budget item.

The Balenciaga spandex boots are definitely becoming a popular trend among celebs. Back in April, we shared Kylie Jenner and Joseline wearing the Balenciaga boots and they received a lot of buzz. The boots are available for $1,395.

If the boots are out of your price range, how about an inspired pair? A few days ago, I came across a  pair that are within many budgets from online store, EGO. The EGO inspired boots features similar details with a slightly 4.5″ heel and an inside zip.

If you have had your eye on the Balenciaga boots but you’re on a budget, you can purchase the similar pair for a fraction of the cost. The EGO Alabama Pointed Toe Long Boots are available for only $60. Definitely a steal that you don’t want to miss! You do not have to spend a lot of money to get a celebrity inspired look. You can look just as fabulous as they do on your budget.

Need inspiration on how to style the boots, check out how the ladies styled the boots below:


Are you feeling today’s Balling on a Budget item?

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