Balling Behind The Scenes: Nas Invests His Money Into Dozens Of Startups

Balling Behind The Scenes: Nas Invests His Money Into Dozens Of Startups

Nas wasn’t playing any games when he said “I’m out for dead presidents to represent me.” The Queens rapper has figured out the way to everlasting funds — investments. 

For several years now, Nas and his manager/business partner Anthony Saleh have invested in dozens of companies, many of which are doing QUITE well financially. Nas and Anthony’s company, QueensBridge Venture Partners, have literally pumped their money into companies and received a MAJOR payout. So, instead of trying to slide Nas a mixtape, maybe you should slide him your business plan.

“I want to meet the people who are innovating in all different fields, and investing lets me do that,” Nas once told CNBC. “I meet the people that are changing the game across all different industries, and I get to be there first at the ground level. It’s helped me to progress tremendously in my business.”

Below is a list of just SOME of the companies Nas has invested in:

– Dropbox

– Lyft

– General Assembly

– Tradesy

– Fitmob

– Alpha Draft

– Casper

– Rap Genius

– DeviantArt

– HotelZilla

– Stance

– Prism Skylabs

– Lofty

– Shift Messenger

– SendHub

– Virgin Mega

– Tilt

– Cielo 24

– Vydia

– Swarm Mobile

and many many more!

Congrats to Nas for taking rap a step further. At this rate, his family will be well off financially without him ever having to drop another rhyme again.

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