Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson Suing Amazon Over Third Party Sales

Lamar Jackson, 23, quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens, is suing Amazon.

According to ESPN, Jackson is suing the company for selling products with lines such as “Lamarvelous,” “Action Jackson,” and “Not bad for a running back.”

It’s worth noting that the items being sold are being sold from third-party Amazon sellers. However, customers still have to purchase said items through the company. Amazon also gets a cut of the profits made from each item sold.

Not only is Jackson suing for damages as he believes that these third party sellers have hurt business sales for his clothing line, Era 8 Apparel, but the football star is also asking Amazon to reveal the exact amount they’ve made from these sales.

Jackson is requesting “the court to require Amazon to count sales it generated from merchandise that features Jackson’s name, image or likeness and ban the website from offering such items without authorization,” the lawsuit reveals.

Jackson is looking to be reimbursed due to damages “Amazon inflicted upon him and his company.”

According to Bossip, the third-party sellers could also be held accountable for selling the “unlicensed merchandise” in the suit.

Lamar Jackson
(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

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