Baltimore Substitute Teacher Accused Of Allegedly Giving Students “Lap Dances”

Baltimore County school officials say a fourth-grade substitute teacher at Halethorpe Elementary School has been removed from the district substitute roster for “inappropriate behavior,” to include allegedly giving kids “lap dances.”

Laura Glover, the parent of a 10-year-old girl in the class, told Fox45 the teacher “grabbed my daughter under her armpits … lined up other kids, told them to point to their breasts. She even kissed other kids [on the face],” she said.

A spokesperson with Baltimore County Police, Officer Jennifer Peach, says they are investigating the matter after a different parent filed a police report on the same issue. “A parent did file a police report alleging child abuse,” said Peach. “But so far, no criminal charges have been filed.”

Brandon Oland, Baltimore County Public Schools spokesman, said the allegations came directly from students Tuesday, the same day the incident allegedly occurred. “We simply will not tolerate any inappropriate behavior by staff, and an investigation is ongoing. We are still gathering information on the teacher in question, but we can say these are the first allegations we know of against this individual,” said Oland.

Substitute gives lap dance

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