BA’s Blerd Alert: Black Twitter Takes “Game Of Thrones” Season Finale “The Iron Throne”

Well, this is it. The moment we’ve waited for. After eight seasons of #GameOfThrones, we are left with #BranStark as our new king of SIX kingdoms, since #SansaStark is now queen of the north after reinstating it as an independent kingdom.

It appears #JonSnow pretty much did all this work just to end up back in the #KnightsWatch after killing our beloved yet hated queen #DaenerysTargaryen. At least #Drogon always had her back. Thankfully the fan favorite #TyrionLannister survived the madness even though #Greyworm wasn’t happy that he helped his brother #JaimeLannister and betrayed his queen. Sidenote: how did Tyrion just so happen to find #Cersei and Jamie in what was portrayed to be a destroyed cave filled with rocks and rubble?

Anyway, we got to see #RobinArryn all grown up, and dang, it’s been a while since we’ve seen #EdmureTully! Also, in the midst of #SamwellTarly proposing a democracy, fans might have seen another one of the #GOT’s oopsies….there was a water bottle by Sam’s foot.

All in all, it looks like everyone got what they wanted: Sansa became a queen, Jon didn’t have to become king and is reunited with #Tormund, and #AryaStark is going west of Westeros.

How did you like the finale? Thoughts, concerns, or confusion?


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