‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jackie Christie Talks NBA Groupies And Reveals How She Keeps Her Marriage To Doug Christie Alive

‘Basketball Wives’ veteran Jackie Christie spoke with Fox News about making her marriage to retired NBA player Doug Christie work.

Jackie has been married to Doug for over 20 years and shared that communication is how they have been able to make through. She said, “We are each other’s biggest fans, lovers… best friends. We definitely keep the respect there as well. If you have communication in your relationship, you can make it through anything.” 

She also stated that spontaneity helps keeps things going as well. “I would say keeping it festive, spontaneous, fun. He doesn’t know what I might do next, and I don’t know what he might do next. We just know that we love each other and we’re happy to do it together.”

Jackie said it takes a lot of sacrifice and love to be a successful basketball wife. She said, “There are different situations. You got to deal with other people. Everybody wants a piece of that man, so you have to be willing to share in some way. So it’s a lot of different things. That’s one thing it takes to make it as a basketball wife. And then you know, to have that long lasting relationship, you just gotta believe in yourself and have communication.”

When asked how she handles Groupies, Christie replied, “You know what? People say that a lot, and I just feel like I’ve never really focused on anything other than the fact that I am a blessed woman [who] has found her knight in shining armor, and my husband, we’ve made beautiful children.”

She continued, “My mom was able to retire, and for 19 years, come and live with us and relax and travel the world. And we could just be a family, and I could help so many people in foundations and philanthropy. So, I focused on all of that, versus the women that tend to sometimes put themselves in a position or chase these players. So, you know, it is tough and difficult for some, but for me, that wasn’t my focus, and it still isn’t.”

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