Battle of the Bayang: Girls Who Slayed the Bangs in 2022

Battle of the Bayang: Girls Who Slayed the Bangs in 2022

This year, the girls did not come to play in terms of fire looks. Whether it was well received or not, many of our favs took risks in the hairstyle department that left the internet talking and many scrambling to recreate the magic. However, there was one iconic style that was executed in several variations, each one offering its own unique persona. 2022 was the year of the bang, or as social media creator Nyissa Liyah dubbed it, the “bayang.”

Let’s take a look back at the girls who slayed their bangs the absolute best these past twelve months.

  1. @TheGirlJt For her appearance on “Caresha, Please.”

  1. @Theestallion – Instagram, October 13th

  1. @Ciara – For an October Giambattista Valli event

  1. @NickiMinaj – For Interview Magazine October 2022 cover

  1. @Beyonce – For British Vogue July 2022 cover

  1. @Gwenstefani – Instagram, December 8th

Whether it was JT’s bright red bangs or Megan Thee Stallion’s 70’s inspired curls and bang combo, these ladies set the standard with their glam this year. Cheers to some of the best wigs of 2022. Which hair trends do you think will take over in 2023

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