Baylor University Accused Of Ignoring Sexual Assault Accusations

Baylor University Accused Of Ignoring Sexual Assault Accusations

Following an investigation by ESPN’s ‘Outside the Lines,’ it has been revealed that Baylor University has a serious problem with the way they handle sexual assault and rape complaints, especially when it comes to their football players.

Baylor University is a private school and is required by federal law,Title IX,  to thoroughly investigate allegations of sexual violence and provide security, counseling services and academic help to victims. This is done to keep victims in school.

Outside the Lines’  investigation found several examples in which Baylor officials failed to investigate, or adequately investigate, allegations of sexual violence. In majority of the cases, support was not even provided to those who reported assaults. To make matters worse, it took Baylor more than three years to comply with Title IX which was sent by the federal government in 2011. Baylor didn’t hire a full-time Title IX coordinator until Fall 2014.

The investigation goes on to outline the investigation and several victims. Many of the stories are horrific.

In a nutshell, it showcases how Baylor focused more on their money and football team rather than securing a sense of safety amongst their female students.

Check out the full article on ESPN

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