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Despite the popular belief that it is inevitable to mix business with pleasure, the truth of the matter is it isn’t.  Individuals control what happens with them in the field that they are in.  Whether you dance for a professional team, handle corporate business, are act as the liaison between industry and those interested in the industry, you should always be about your business at all times. The sooner individuals realize that they have an individual brand in accord to having a larger brand (job or affiliation) to represent, the better the world will be.  Yes you should be able to have a great time and relax with friends, but how and when you let loose is important.Everyone in your field is not your friend nor should they be.  Of course organic friendships occur over time, but not all acquaintances are meant to transcend to greater lengths. Therefore you should not allow colleagues the opportunity to see you in a non-business stand point.  You jeopardize the brand and extent of the business relationship when peers see you in a unprofessional light.

Rule 1:  Watch the content you post on social media. If it can be misinterpreted or you have to explain it in great detail, chances are it shouldn’t be posted.  In fact watch what you say at all times.

Rule 2: Dress appropriately. I don’t care how great of a body you have you do not want the attention to be on your body and not your purpose. If you want to be scantily clad, it is a great idea to change professions or at the very least, not mention the profession you are in.

Rule 3:  Mentioning purpose. If your presence doesn’t serve a purpose, then you don’t need to be there. If you are an accountant, there is no real reason for you to be in the IT meeting unless the IT team is talking numbers. The same goes for any profession. Unless your presence is an integral part of the process, you don’t need to be there. Never be the person without business among the group.

Rule 4: I prefer the no drinking while on business standard, but if you must, limit your alcohol intake to no more than two drinks. Never get intoxicated or appear as the person that does not know how to conduct themselves in business atmospheres.

Rule 5: No fraternizing. You spend a considerable time with your colleagues, but when you blur the lines of work and personal, you blur the lines of respect in the professional realm. How can you work with someone after he or she has seen you exchange sex faces?  Whether you care or not, there are others that care and no one likes to fight unnecessary battles. Honestly, there are other individuals you can date beside those in your direct field.

Rule 6: Don’t be a groupie to your own success. Remain humble. No matter if you are a newbie or a veteran, act as if you are use to the perks your job gives you.  Cease all attention seeking antics.

Yes you have a personal life and what you do on your time is your business, but in an age where we as a society have intertwined the two, we must incorporate professional standards  to govern us. We don’t realize how much weight our names and the brands we represent carry.  Don’t ruin the integrity of a brand because you want to be a thottie for a hottie. Don’t confuse the want to be liked as a measure of respect.  At all times be about your business.

-Niko Rose

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