Beignets To Be Sold For a Limited Time at Popeyes for Holiday Season

Popeyes is trying to step their dessert menu game up this holiday season by offering beignets stuffed with Hershey’s chocolate for a limited time in three, six, and 12 packs. Even though Popeyes is now headquartered in Miami, the dessert is a famous staple of the New Orleans culture in which Popeyes was founded.

According to Sami Siddiqui, Popeye’s president of the Americas, they tested the new item in Boston and a few other Northeastern markets to get “particularly strong” reviews from customers.

It’s unlikely that the dessert will surpass the success of its chicken sandwich. Still, Popeyes has reportedly increased sales growth every quarter since the sandwich’s launch, even during the coronavirus pandemic.

He said, “I’ve been in [the fast-food industry] for almost a decade now, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like the chicken sandwich across any brand, so I don’t know if I want to set expectations that high.”

Shares of Restaurant Brands, which has a $27.9 billion market value, have fallen 5% so far this year. Tim Hortons, the laggard of the company’s portfolio, has struggled to bring back coffee drinkers in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.


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