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Contrary to popular belief, being pretty isn’t your only objective in life when dating. Your BALLER (insert whatever word you choose if BALLER is offensive) needs you to be more than pretty.  You know how to create a natural hair line with your lace closure.  You can design eyebrows from nothing. Your nails are on point and you pull together these labels you can not pronounce like non other.  Your pocketbook is withdrawing the soul and all loose change from your BALLER, but is that all you have to offer? You look good, but outside of looking good, what can you do? Are you financially smart? Are you a nurturer?  Can your cross-stitch that tear in his favorite shirt? Can you at least season chicken or boil water?  What is your selling point besides being cute with a great pocketbook. Can you manage his actual pocketbook?


Here is the thing, looks may attract your BALLER, but it won’t keep him.  No matter how great the sex is or how round your derriere may be, the sad reality is pretty chicks and good pocketbooks come a dime a dozen. And before you say they don’t, google vaginal rejuvenation and Dr. Miami.  Doctors are building bad bih’s  with reupholstered vaginas by the truckload.  Again I ask what is your selling point? After a few trips to the bedroom , the pocketbook can’t save you.  You have to bring more to the table.


You don’t know how to clean, you barely got a grasp on elementary math. Your communication skills are beyond poor. If your pocketbook is withdrawing souls, why are you still applying for commitment? Chances are he sees nothing else, but a good time with you.  You might have been a quest and once he conquered you, that pretty face and cute tush does nothing for him. You have to appeal to your BALLER more than physically.  BALLERS are men at their cores and men need to be stimulated beyond aesthetics. He spends thousands on month eating out, save him some coins and cook a few times. If you don’t know how to cook, Youtube and Sur La Table will be your saving grace. Everyone appreciates a home cooked meal.  Start pulling his statements and create a budget. Yes he doesn’t have to watch his coins right now, but 10 years post retirement, he’ll appreciate it. Show him where he is wasting his money and educate him on his finances. A pretty bih is easy to find. A chick with financial smarts, not so much.  Be the confidant and words of wisdom your BALLER needs.  Challenge him. If you know he is at the top of his game in his career, challenge him to be great in the things he is interested in. The point is you are to make him feel like no other woman can. I always say, you can find a prettier or finer woman than me, but you will never ever find a better woman. Work on the intangible you because when looks fade, that’s all you have left.





-Niko Rose

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