Ben & Jerry’s Used 4/20 Holiday To Expose Racial Disparity In America

Famous ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s, have never been afraid to get political and in celebrating the 4/20 weed lovers holiday, Ben & Jerry’s decided to celebrate in a different way besides weed inspired products. The company has called out the racial disparity in the criminal justice system when it comes to black people being punished for the same substance white people profit from.

Ben & Jerry’s addressed the issue in a video promo that questions why white millionaires are investing in weed, with states reaping the benefits of the taxes, yet a disproportionate amount of Black people are in prison for selling the same plant. Ben & Jerry’s thinks it’s unfair and recommends that “legalization doesn’t leave people of color behind.”

The company also asks that all weed charges be expunged for those who carry the charge on their records. But wait, there’s more!

Ben & Jerry’s tweeted following the release of their promo video, that cannabis brand, Caliva, will be making a nice donation to Code For America, in support of their ‘Clear My Record’ cause. B&J tweeted, “Our friends at #gocaliva will be donating 4.20% of their profits on 4/20 to #codeforamerica in recognition of their project Clear My Record, which works to give people a second chance by clearing cannabis records. All the more reason to celebrate the holidays!”

Who else is headed to the grocery store right now to grab some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?

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