Benzino Breaks Down Over Coi Leray's Deadbeat Dad Claims

Benzino Responds To Coi Leray After She Claimed He Was Jealous Of Her Success: “How Tf Can I Be Envious Towards Someone I Raised…” [Video]

Benzino denies being envious Coi Leray’s success.

In the latest episode of Angie Martinez’s podcast, Coi Leray delved into many topics, including her rise to fame and her parent’s separation. During the conversation, they spoke about her father, Benzino, and openly discussed her distant connection with him.

“At first it was rocky because I felt like he couldn’t handle my success. I felt like it it did come from an envious place. Which is okay cuz he’s human and it’s fine,” Coi explained. “But I felt like you know he want he still wants like he’s one of those people that feels like, ‘Yo, like I still have a story to tell.’ You know, I still feel like something I have to say something.”

However, on Saturday, Benzino came across Coi’s interview and expressed his anger by sharing two messages on his Instagram account, denying Coi’s allegations. Additionally, Benzino stated that his daughter was giving an inaccurate portrayal of their relationship. He also vowed to share his own perspective on how he raised his children while striving to distance himself from street life and legal issues.

“This has to be the most ridiculous [sh*t] I’ve heard in my entire life on this earth,” he wrote. “How tf can be envious towards someone I RAISED, NUTURED, PROVIDED FOR, INFLUENCED AND LOVE VERY DEARLY??? This industry and the internet have completely messed up the minds of this young generation. I’m tired of her pushing a false narrative about who I am and what I’ve done as a father. In my 40 years in hip hop I’ve never ever seen an artist DOG their parents out the was Coi does and it’s embarrassing and sad.”

Coi and Benzino have had public disagreements in the past. However, in 2022, it appeared that they were working towards reconciliation after Coi disclosed that Nicki Minaj had offered her valuable advice on repairing their relationship. In July, during her performance at Rolling Loud Miami, Benzino was present to show his support. Following the event, he commended her for her outstanding stage presence and performance.

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