Benzino Fires Back At Eminem In Diss Track, Calls The Rapper "Feminine" & Accuses Him Of Drug Use
Eminem and Benzino (Getty)

Benzino Tearfully Speaks About His Ongoing Feud With Eminem: “For 22 Years, Every Time I Do An Interview They Ask Me About Eminem” [Video]

Benzino got really emotional while speaking about his feud with Eminem!

Benzino was a guest on a recent episode of Drink Champs, which premiered on Saturday, where he reminisced about the origins of the beef.

“Fuck Eminem and fuck everybody down with Eminem. My thing is this, that n*gga won’t face me,” Benzino said. “I know he ain’t gone fight me,” he added. “I know that, but how about I’ll battle that n*gga … How about we put this to bed, three round battle, where me and him battle rap, we have minutes, and we battle. How about that? Just battle, no violence. After that we can hug it out and let this shit be over.”

In another part of the interview, Benzino’s passion intensified as he criticized Eminem’s hip-hop authenticity, dubbing him a “Rap Elvis” and drawing from his own encounters with violence and racism during his time in Boston.

“You think Boston’s a joke? Boston ain’t no f*cking joke … Surviving Boston with the racism and the motherf*cking gang shit in Boston since ‘85?,” he added. “Hip-hop is the blood that we lose, like them young n*ggas in Chicago and everywhere else, they killing each other and it’s over hip-hop. Hip-hop is who we are, he can’t come in and invade hip-hop and Rosenberg, and make trillions of dollars. This n*gga didn’t even go to [Nipsey Hussle’s] funeral, bro. If he’s so f*cking hip-hop, how come he ain’t block 10 blocks in motherf*cking Detroit and give it to the homeless Black people. Man, f*ck Eminem, bro.”

As the interview progressed, Benzino’s emotional depth became more pronounced, reaching a breaking point as he tearfully expressed,  “I don’t have nothing against Eminem. Em can rap, but I care about us more. I don’t want to talk about it no more. “For 22 years, every time I do an interview they ask me about Eminem. The fuck you want me to do? Come on, man. I love my daughter, I raised my daughter like any other street n***a …,” he said. “My daughter came to into the industry figuring that ‘Hey, I gotta be cool with Eminem because everybody’s against my dad.’ You think this shit is fucking cool? Nah, man. We’re failing as a people.”

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