Berkeley Woman Faces Hate Crime Charges For Calling Cops On Black Deliveryman

A 35-year-old woman from California will now face hate crime charges after calling cops on a Black deliveryman who she thought was driving too fast through the neighborhood.

Police arrested the woman and identified her as Julie Walrand of Berkeley.

On April 18, the woman called the cops and told them that she thought a Black delivery driver for a postal company was driving too fast in the neighborhood.

The woman and her boyfriend, then followed the deliveryman in their own vehicle yelling out racial slurs.

The delivery driver, Kendall McIntosh told a local news station he had just ended his shift and was going to help another driver on Delaware Street in Berkeley when the woman pulled up next to his van and starting yelling at him, “Who the f—do you think you are? Who do you think you are driving down my street like this?”

“I was scared I didn’t know how it was going to run out so I thought the best thing to do was leave the situation,” McIntosh told the station. He says he then left to continue making deliveries and returned when he learned officers had arrived at the scene.

When officers arrived on the scene, the woman told them about her attempts to confront the driver about his speeding.

According to a statement from Berkeley police, the woman admitted that she “used force” in her attempt to prevent the driver from escaping the confrontation. She also used “hateful language disparaging of people of color” as she called 911.

Police arrested the woman who now faces possible charges including false imprisonment, battery and using offensive words and willfully threatening a person based on their perceived characteristics.

McIntosh says he’s grateful to the neighbors who witnessed and recorded the incident.


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