Bernie Mac's Daughter Tells TikTokers What Comedian Was Like as a Father, Described Him as "Emotionally Volatile" and Much Like His TV Character [Video]

Bernie Mac’s Daughter Tells TikTokers What Comedian Was Like as a Father, Described Him as “Emotionally Volatile” and Much Like His TV Character [Video]

Bernie Mac’s daughter, Je’Niece McCullough, is detailing what the late comedian was like as a father.

While answering fans’ questions on her TikTok account, appropriately named @berniesdaughter, McCullough shared moments and memories while describing her dad’s parenting style.

“What kind of father was my dad,” she says in a video response to one fan’s question Sunday.

In full transparency, she described him as controlling, hypercritical, emotionally volatile, and strict.

“He sent mixed messages. He would say you can come to talk to me about anything. But the second I tried, if it wasn’t what he wanted to hear, then he was angry, and I was in trouble,” said McCullough.

She compared the relationship between Bernie Mac and his television son Jordan to the relationship she shared with her father, saying she is a lot like Jordan.

According to McCullough, the treatment began to shift after Bernie Mac lost his job with General Motors when she was six.

Despite her father putting a lot of pressure on her to be perfect, McCullough shared that she realized her father was simply young and ill-prepared. She explained that “a lot of things were out of his control.”

“My parents were 19 when they got married. He didn’t have the tools to be the type of father he wanted to be,” she said.

Even as an adult, McCullough shared that she wrote him a seven-page letter when she was 21 explaining to him that “dude, we can’t keep going on like this.”

Fans took to the comment section to applaud McCullough for her being open, honest and transparent.

McCullough’s TikTok account @berniesdaughter also shows old movie clips of Bernie Mac, facts about his disease, and much more.


Replying to @j.rob28 He was a complicated father, kind of like his sitcom character. #berniemac #fatherdaughter #reallife #celebrity #offscreen

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