Best Black Valentine’s Day Movies Of All Time

You have to admit; love is a very beautiful thing. In real life, you may experience bumps in the road, but on-screen you can always expect to enjoy a happy ending. From “Jason’s Lyric” and “Poetic Justice” to “Mahogany” and “Carmen Jones,” we’ve had a variety of films featuring black love at its finest or at least acknowledging its complexity. Whether you are planning to spend this Valentine’s Day alone or boo’d up, here’s SOME of the best Black Valentine’s Day movies of all time, since there’s too many to name them all. 

Love and Basketball- was, is and will always be one for the books. “I’ll play you…. for your heart”, does it really get any better than a Monica and Quincy love?

Love Jones- eloquently displayed the beauty of black creatives, spoken word, photography and the complexities of love. Nina and Darius had us all rooting for true love to win in the end, but we were sold when Darius said, “I’m the blues in your left thigh, trying to become the funk in your right, is that alright?” It most certainly is.

Boomerang- not only had an all-star cast, but incorporated sex, love, and humor in this forever favorite film. On top of watching a playboy get played and ultimately turn good, can we all agree that “love should’ve brought your ass home last night” is the most classic line for when your man is acting up?

Purple Rain- the icon known as Prince, his music and Apollonia, enough said. 

How Stella Got Her Groove Back- takes us to the beautiful island of Jamaica and teaches us all that ain’t nothing wrong with being a cougar. 

Baby Boy- “Jody my Jody,” because sometimes hood love is good love. Filled with ups, downs and several red flags, name a better duo than Jody and Yvette? 

The Best Man- gave us friendship, beautiful, strong women, sexy chocolate brothas and ultimately a whole trilogy to binge watch.

Brown Sugar- we think it’s safe to say that anything featuring Sanaa Lathan is pretty sure to be a great romantic hit. This movie doesn’t disappoint, at all. Mixing true love, friendship and a  shared passion for hip-hop won us all over.

The Wood- takes you on a classic journey. Reminiscing about your first crush, first love and even your first time. 

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