Best Places To Smoke During Quarantine

Best Places To Smoke During Quarantine

The legalization of marijuana in some states has made it easier and more socially acceptable for a lot of herbal connoisseurs to participate in 4/20 festivities. If you live in California, Colorado, or any of the other states where weed is completely legal, then you can simply go outside and handle your business. For anyone who’s quarantined in a state where you don’t have the same freedoms to puff puff pass at your leisure, then you’re already probably really good at flying high under the radar. As for everyone else who’s not quite sure how to maneuver without a lot of privacy, here are some of the best places in or around your home where you can smoke during the quarantine.

The Bathroom- You can throw a towel at the bottom of the door, turn the fan on and get as lifted as you like. Obviously, this isn’t ideal if you share your bathroom with roommates, parents, or small children, but if you have your own master bath or a secondary bathroom in the house, this could be the way to go. Pro-tip: keep the fan on after you’re done, and if you have one, open a window. The scent can linger a bit.

Patio/Backyard- Depending on your living space, the patio or yard would be the most ideal spot for your celebration as long as you have privacy. It’s also a plus if your neighbors aren’t nosey or prone to make phone calls for “suspicious activity.”

Go To The Car- Smoking in the car is always a fun time, or so we’ve heard. The smaller interior mixed with rolled-up windows is sure to give you a great hotbox experience.

The Basement/Garage- some of your parents still have their special cigarettes and favorite lounge chairs in the basement or a sitting area space in the garage. This isn’t a coincidence, it’s likely that they smoke too! You may learn something new about your folks during this time and can roll one up with them since there’s not much else to do. Practice social distancing, make sure you have your own blunt and remember sharing is not caring during coronavirus.


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