Beyonce Tells Kim K To Have A ‘Made In America’ Festival Worth Of Seats

Now, these are all internet rumors until Beyonce or Kim come out and say otherwise but they are hilarious nonetheless. Well, as we all know, ever since Kim got with Kanye she has been trying to get closer and closer to Beyonce. She’s even gone as far as to plant stories saying that she hung out with Beyonce back stage. With the exception of one photo of Beyonce hiding her face and the two sitting in the same row at the BET Awards Kim and Beyonce are never seen together. 

Last weekend Jay Z held his first ever Made In America music festival and of course his wife and best friend were there to share in the moment. Kim wasn’t too far behind either. The only problem is, spectators allegedly began to notice there was a bit of tension between Queen Bey and Lessor Kardashian. Sources say that Kim and Beyonce stayed on opposite sides of the festival, Beyonce not speaking to Kim until close to the end. Whenever Kanye would go hang out with Jay and Bey (which was often) Kim was left behind. Ouch! 

Well Radar Online has a bit more tea from the festival and if this is true, it explains everything. Beyonce is not here for the Kardashian shenanigans. 

At the Jay-Z curated Budweiser Made In America music festival last weekend, the 42-year-old hip-hop star’s other half got upset when Kim, 31, tried to muscle in on aRon Howard documentary that was being filmed at the Philadelphia event about the ‘Empire State of Mind’ rapper.

Beyonce, 31, politely reminded Kim that the docu wasn’t about her, but Jay-Z told her to make peace with the Keeping Up WithThe Kardashians – because of his friendship with her boyfriend Kanye West.

But that didn’t stop Kim crying home to mom, Kris Jenner claiming she felt she was unfairly treated!

“Kim was desperate for attention in the VIP area and was getting in the way of cameras that were supposed to be filming Jay-Z,” an eyewitness at the festival revealed.

“She kept saying she was a huge fan of Ron Howard and would do anything to be cast in one of his films, so Kim was using this as an opportunity to impress the movie maverick.

“However, Beyonce wasn’t amused that Kim was using her husband’s documentary to audition for Ron.

“So, she took Kim to one side and told her that the day wasn’t about her, it was about Jay-Z, his work in organizing the event and there were other celebrities and musicians there that needed coverage too.

“Kim was fuming that the spotlight wasn’t on her – but Ron was there for Jay-Z, not her, and he really didn’t care if she was or wasn’t taking part in any of the filming.

“Step forward Jay-Z, as gracious as he is, to act as peacemaker. He said to Beyonce that she needs to play nice with Kim because he is pals with Kanye.

“But the damage was done. Later that night, Kim phoned her mom Kris to complain about the harsh treatment she thought she got at the festival.

“She just isn’t used to not getting what she wants,” the source said.

Girl Kim, how do you expect Beyonce to do for you what Martin did for the people if you can’t exercise some chill in your life? Knowing how much Kanye loves Jay Z and respects Beyonce, this relationship will never work without their blessing. I personally can’t wait for the classic album Kanye is going to release when he and Kim break up. 

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