Bey Ain’t Sorry: Beyoncé Trolls Fans With Her New “Where is the FWT DVD?” Merch

Beyonce is trolling fans with new merchandise that jokes on fans who demanded #QueenBey release a Formation World Tour DVD.

Beyoncé is a woman of many talents, and she may need to add comedy to that list, as she is mocking relentless fans with new merchandise that highlights the numerous demands she’s received from supporters craving a Formation World Tour DVD. 

Following the debut of her Netflix documentary “Homecoming,” she didn’t release a DVD, but instead a graphic t-shirt worth $40 that reads “Where is the FWT DVD?” 

The shirts come in pink, white, yellow and blue and feature the main image from the 2016 world tour. Beyoncé also dropped merch that paid homage to the documentary and the #Beychella experience.

“Homecoming” is the kick off of the first film in a three-project Netflix deal, which is worth a whopping $60 million, according to Variety. In response to Bey being Destiny’s Childish, fans shared a good laugh after seeing the new apparel. “Lmao my good sis is SHADY!!!” shared YouTube personality Adrian Xpression.

“Beyoncé really put yalls most annoying Instagram comments on a t-shirt and is selling it for $40, and I’m gon buy it,” another social media user said. In true #BeyHive form, a fan claimed the singer despises her fan base for badgering her about the DVD. “BEYONCÉ HATES US OMFGHXHCNDNJ JKXIX,” a different user said.

Let’s just say Beyoncé “ain’t thinking bout you!”

Beyonce's New Merch

Beyonce's New Merchv

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