Beyoncé’s BEYGOOD Foundation Offering $5,000 Grants To Families Facing Eviction During The Holidays

Beyoncé’s charity organization BeyGOOD announced that it will award $5,000 grants to families and individuals facing eviction or foreclosure as the eviction moratorium is slated to end this month.

According to Billboard, the charity released a statement saying, “When we were faced with the pandemic caused by COVID-19, BeyGOOD created a plan to make a difference. We assisted organizations across the country, providing people with basic needs like food, water, household supplies, and COVID testing. We also provided mental health support.”

With the BeyGOOD Small Business Impact fund launch, the singer has helped more than 250 small businesses by giving them $10,000 grants to date.

“Beyoncé is continuing her heart of support and helping where needed most. Phase Two of the BeyGOOD Impact Fund will now help those impacted by the housing crisis,” the statement added. “The housing moratorium is set to end on December 26th, resulting in mortgage foreclosures and rental evictions. Many families are impacted due to the pandemic that resulted in job loss, sickness, and overall economy downturn.”

To apply, those in need will have to submit the necessary paperwork to the NAACP, with the online application process opening on Jan. 7, 2021; at that time, 100 recipients will be selected for grants to be distributed later in January. And another round is then slated to open the following month.

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