Beyond Meat Signs A Deal With McDonald’s And Yum Brands

Beyond Meat has just struck two new major deals–one with McDonald’s and one with Yum Brands–that will bring new plant-based items to fast food restaurant menus.

The company announced the separate distribution deals on Thursday, causing its stock to soar by 8% by early Friday morning.

The company called the partnership’s potential new menu choices like McDonald’s upcoming “McPlant Burger” and Yum Brand’s taco filling for Taco Bell “craveable and innovative.”

McDonald’s said the partnership would help them explore alternatives for chicken, pork, and egg and give “customers more choices when they visit McDonald’s.”

Yum Brands called the agreement an “expansion of the companies’ growing track record of collaborations” with alternative food developers, which already includes a Beyond Italian Sausage topping at Pizza Hut and plant-based chicken options at KFC.

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