President Biden Taps Two Women of Color to Lead His Budget Office

President Biden Taps Two Women of Color to Lead His Budget Office

President Biden is completing his promises when it comes to having a diverse staff.

The commander-in-chief has nominated Shalanda Young to be director of the White House Office of Budget and Management (OMB). Young currently serves as the deputy director, so this next position would be a step in the right direction. She would also become the first black woman to hold an Office of Budget and Management directing title.

Biden also has nominated Nani Coloretti to step in as deputy director following Young’s possible exit if she gets the directing position. Coloretti is currently the Senior Vice President of Financial and Business strategy. If nominated, Coloretti would be the top Asian American in government.

Biden says, “Shalanda Young and Nani Coloretti are two of the most experienced, qualified people to lead OMB. Each has been confirmed before by the United States Senate with strong bipartisan support,” Biden said Wednesday. “I urge the Senate to swiftly confirm them again so they can lead OMB at this important time.”

The Senate hasn’t confirmed the two ladies yet. However, the news would be pretty groundbreaking since the Office of Budget and Management would be ran by two women of color.

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