Bidet Company Offers A Job Paying $10,000 For You To Poop

We are halfway through 2020, and the headlines are getting stranger by the day. Although nothing at this point is too far off for the kind of year we are all having, a bidet company is hiring if you’re in need of a job. Tushy was founded in 2015 by Miki Agrawal with hopes to influence people into buying bidets. According to their website, Tushy claims that their modern bidet will help you save money, save the planet, and ultimately save your ass.

The job vacancy is for a three-month position as the VP of Fecal Matters. Yep, you’ll be offered $10,000 to “test and study your pooping habits and document it via TUSHY’s social media.” The contract job lasts for three months. According to their website, applicant qualifications include; “A real pooping human with 21-121 years of pooping experience, strong poo-ject management and skills and one who embraces an “open-door policy” when discussing what happens in the bathroom.” The remote job opportunity requires a 90-minute minimum daily commitment to using the bidet.As part of Tushy’s #Bidet2020 campaign, they are accepting applications through July 10th, and the lucky candidate will begin work on July 22nd. The Brooklyn, NY based company hopes to revolutionize the way people relieve themselves by “giving people a healthier, cleaner alternative to toilet paper.” The company also offers bamboo toilet paper as an alternative to tree-based products and eco-friendly sustainable bamboo towels. In the early days of the pandemic, finding toilet paper was a luxury as many stocked up for fear of not being able to leave their homes. By switching to a bidet, you would eliminate the need to buy toilet paper altogether and ultimately do the environment some food by saving the trees.


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