Big Meech Writes Letter Co-Singing BMF Wives Show

Last week we posted some behind the scenes footage from the BMF Wives reality show. After we posted the article, the Baller Alert instagram instantly went crazy. Some individuals questioned the validity of the show. A back and forth argument even went on between an instagram user and one of the castmates claiming to be Big Meech’s fiance. The instagram user by the name of @simplychefre claimed that the young lady claiming to be Big Meech’s fiance is a fraud and that she’s never been more than a pen pal to Meech. She claimed that if Meech and her were truly engaged, she wouldn’t still be stripping in the clubs. She also said Meech doesn’t know her in that way and that Meech wouldn’t be out of jail until the year 2032, so we’ll see who’s left standing. Let’s just say, it was a wild back and forth and if you read it, you were probably wondering what Meech had to say. Well, wonder no more. Big Meech has written a letter to Toni (girlfriend to his brother Southwest T) in support of the show. Read below:

In the letter Meech says “We all have to sacrifice, come together as one, to push this BMF Brand. I’m hoping to be able to have a conversation with you in a couple of months but for now we can go back and forth on paper and I can speak through you. BMF Wives and whatever we do will be successful, trust me, but we have to make the show interesting 4 real.” He goes on to talk about how he would like the show to play out. Interesting enough he wrote this letter to Toni and not to Janell, the woman claiming to be his fiance. I wonder if all this will somehow play out on the show. Should be quite interesting! I will definitely tune in.


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