Big Sean Opens Up About Being Diagnosed With Heart Disease As A Teen

Big Sean says natural remedies helped him defeat heart disease when he was a teen.

Big Sean has big things coming up for his fans, including his fifth studio album, “Don Life.” In his new project, the rapper will be opening up about sensitive moments in his life, like when he was diagnosed with heart disease as a teenager.

The Detroit native sat down with Entertainment Weekly and let the outlet listen to his upcoming single “Lucky Me.” On the track, Sean explains that he was diagnosed with the illness at age 19 and instead of a traditional physician; his mother opted for a holistic doctor’s care, which healed his symptoms. “I couldn’t even walk from one side of the room to the other without getting super-tired,” Sean told EW. “I passed out once in the shower and got rushed to the emergency room.”

While Sean has been known to share some of his most intimate thoughts, this will be the first time that Sean highlights this part of his life. “I’ve never talked about certain things in my life,” Sean said. “It just kind of made me realize I need to really express some of these things.” All these decisions and more, he says, were determined during his break from social media. The artist says that he hopes his album makes it easier for the next person enduring similar struggles.

“I just want people to remember to be individuals. Social media is such a great tool. I never want to bash it because it’s definitely helped me be who I am. But I feel like it also can manipulate us,” he explained. “There are memes and GIFs and shit that describe some of our moods better than we can, and I think that’s pretty funny sometimes — I love the SpongeBob memes. But at the same time, I feel like we also have to make sure we don’t lose the ability to express ourselves.”

Big Sean talks Heart Disease
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