Bill Cosby Asks Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Take His Case, Claims “#MeToo Hysteria” Denied Him Due Proces

Bill Cosby claims he was denied the presumption of innocence in a petition that asks the state’s high court to revisit his case. There have already been two trials and multiple bids for decisions to be reconsidered on the comedian’s behalf.

Cosby is taking his criminal conviction on charges of aggravated indecent assault all the way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the comedian wants the state’s high court to determine whether his rights were violated by allowing testimony from five women whose allegations of uncharged sexual misconduct dated back decades.

Cosby claimed that his civil deposition testimony that was only given because he was assured he wouldn’t be prosecuted was used in this case.

Cosby said he forfeited his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination by testifying in Andrea Constand’s civil suit because the office of the Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor had assured the comedian wouldn’t be prosecuted.

According to the filing that came amidst a surge of national attention and the ‘Me Too’ movement,” Current, Cosby accuses D.A. Kevin Steele of charging him despite a reminder of the original agreement from Castor.

Cosby’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt  issued a statement on Thursday about the filing: “Today, Mr. Cosby’s legal team filed a Petition in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania asking the high court to review his case to consider the vital important questions about the impact of #metoo hysteria on the bedrock principles of our criminal justice system.”

Bill Cosby Takes it To Supreme Court
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