Bill De Blasio Creates Social Distancing Tip Line

Bill De Blasio Creates Social Distancing Tip Line; Trolls Make A Mockery Of It By Sending Penis Pics, Hitler Memes, Middle Finger Pics And More

The spread of the novel coronavirus has forced the country’s fifty states to shut down, with different rules and regulations to help flatten the curve and save lives being taken daily by the deadly virus.

In an attempt to help stop the spread in the Big City, Mayor Bill de Blasio attempted to set up a tip line to notify authorities when someone violated the social distancing guidelines.

However, the plan backfired when the line quickly filled up with trolls sending pictures of penises, middle fingers, and more not-so-funny things, according to the New York Post.

“We will fight this tyrannical overreach,” one user sent into the line.

Another message included a picture of gummy candies shaped like the male private part, captioned, “EAT A BAG OF D*CKS,” the Post reports.

However, according to the publication, it’s currently unclear whether these messages are coming from actual New Yorkers or not.

As time went on, the picture messages got even more vulgar as people began to send in actual penis pictures, according to an NYPD source.

One person even took it as far as calling in with an alleged story, claiming de Blasio had recently been caught performing oral sex “in an alleyway behind 7-11.”

“He looked at me…and coofed in my direction,” the caller told the 311 tip line operator.

For those wondering what “coof” means, it’s apparently a new phrase when describing an infected patient with COVID-19 who presents a cough.

Due to the large amount of trolling text messages, the line has temporarily been shut down.

“The city has begun vetting everything before dispersing the information to precincts,” the NYPD source added.

Tip Line for New York

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