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Bill Maher Says Taylor Swift Could Sway Election, Warns Republicans To Not Attack Her

Bill Maher says now is not the time to attack Taylor Swift. With the elections not far off, Maher says Republicans should think before they speak.

The talk show host made the comments on his Friday show, ‘Real Time,’ during a panel discussion with Sports commentator Bob Costas and Atlantic writer Caitlin Flanagan.

At first the conversation centered around the pop star making headlines with her ‘Eras’ tour, four Grammys Award wins this year, and her romance with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

But at some point it shifted, “This is a national news story in the sense that this is a person who could literally swing the election. I don’t know what that says about this country, but I would just say to the ‘MAGA’ people, ‘You should be very careful attacking her because this is someone who transcends parties.’”

He then went on to talk about Taylor being a country girl from rural Pennsylvania and her huge influence over her huge fan base, TMZ reported. He said that alone could pose real problems for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and “Make America Great Again” supporters at the ballot box.

“Her voters perhaps are not registered at all, and she doesn’t have to say who she’s voting for. All she has to say is get registered. They know who she’s voting for.”

Bill hinged at Taylor being a Democrat before adding, “So I think you could be awaking a sleeping until the afternoon giant.”

Theres probably some truth behind Maher’s thoughts. Taylor has the power to get out the vote. In 2023, reported that it saw a jump in voter registration after the singer encouraged her hundreds of millions of Instagram followers to register to vote using the nonprofit.

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