Billboard Releases List Of 125 Artists Of All Time; The Beatles, Elton John, And Mariah Carey Make Top Five

In celebration of #Billboard’s 125th anniversary, the charts team has constructed a list of the top 125 artists of all time. Its No. 1 pick is #TheBeatles.

The list was released on Thursday and includes several artists of different genres like pop, rock, and r&b. The top 10 artists from one to 10 include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, EltonJohn, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Barbara Streisand, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Stevie Wonder, and Chicago. Whitney Houston is the 11th artist; #CelineDion is No.33 while Aretha Franklin is No.34. Adele is in front of Beyonce as No. 26.

During an interview with Billboard, Carey commented on what it feels like to be the top-charting female solo artist in history. “Oh, my God. To see the success on all the different charts, to hear you say that is mind-blowing. I never, ever dreamt of this when I first started. I just wanted to hear my songs on the radio,” Carey said. The writer and producer who has 18 No.1 hits on the chart said that her idea of success is just a little different than it once was.

“It means the same thing that it has always meant: You have to be able to sit back and say, ‘Wow, I had some success here, and let me not bask in it but at least be aware of it.’ In the beginning of my career, it was so much about pushing forward and pushing through obstacles and adversity that I didn’t get to take in the moment that much.”

She continued, “This past year, with the whole “Obsessed” challenge when it reentered the charts — do you know what I’m referring to? I have 8-year-old twins, and they’re not allowed to watch TikTok yet, but they’re sitting there watching all these 13-, 14-year-old kids doing this little “Obsessed” [dance] challenge, which took on a life of its own. It became a thing. It had a huge.”

Are y’all rocking with this list?

Mariah Carey talks Billboard

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