Controversial Gun Store Billboard That Called Four Congresswomen “Idiots” Is Taken Down

Advertising company, Allison Outdoor Advertising, announced they will be taking down a billboard that called Congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley “idiots” while promoting a local gun shop.

The ad read, “The 4 Horsemen Cometh”, an apparent reference to the biblical four horsemen of the apocalypse. However, the word “Cometh” was crossed out in the ad and replaced with “are idiots.”

But now, in the wake of its removal, the shop, Cherokee Guns, is standing by its controversial ad, as it even sold bumper stickers with the same image for others to show support. In fact, the shop’s owner said he wants to go to court to keep the billboard up.

The Cherokee Guns owner spoke to WTVC-TV and said although the billboard had only been up for a few days, it had already brought him more business. The billboard received national attention after Cherokee Guns posted a picture of it on Facebook.

However, others found the image, which is signed “the Deplorables,” offensive. The next day, Allison Outdoor Advertising announced the advertisement was coming down, according to the outlet.

The advertising company wrote on Facebook about its decision to take down the billboard, but the post has since been removed. 

The Cherokee Guns
The Cherokee Guns

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