Birthday Ballers: 10 Times Trina Told Us She's The Baddest Bxtch

Birthday Ballers: 10 Times Trina Told Us She’s The Baddest Bxtch

On this day, we would like to send a very special Happy Birthday shout out to Trina! To celebrate her birthday, I’ve compiled a list of 10 songs where Trina made it known that she will forever be ‘The Baddest Bxtch!’ We are going to take it back for you guys from features to her albums.

Happy Birthday Trina!

1. Da Baddest Bxtch

I never took it up the axx

often tried but I pass

 And from what I heard it ain’t bad

I’m a curious bxtch who took off to get broke off

From the baby’s dad

Cause I’m the baddest bxtch


2. Pull Over

Who got more ass than the average bxtch?

You know it’s the baddest bxtch

Number ten in the face slim in the waist

Fat in the axx, do you want a taste?

3. Single Again

I’m still the baddest bxtch

4. That’s My Attitude

Money over everything (thats my attitude)

Still the baddest bxtch in tha game (thats my attitude)

Talk to ya man when I get ready (thats my attitude)

Have him blowing stacks I aint pedi (thats my attitude)

5. Trick Daddy feat. Trina ‘Shut Up’

Okay who’s Da Baddest Bxtch

I been real, been rich, been had this shxt

Big Benz, big house and shxt

That’s right, okay I been down with Trick

6. Still Da Baddest

Back seat Phantom dark tents rolled down

Didn’t want to see her look at me now

Say she couldn’t rap but I’m still here standing

Da Baddest Bxtch is what the fuck they yelling

7. Here We Go

I shed so many tears

Cant believe how many years

Tha baddest bxtch put up witch yo dusty axx

Now you know that im tha queen of Miami 

8. No Panties

Versace spread on my waterbed

Now give me some head!!! 

Give me some head!!! 

Miss Trina like to skits on red

And I’m the first to say it

I’m the baddest bxtch OW!

9. Million Dollar Girl 

I’m in that pink Ferrari

I got a thing for Porsches

I like my men like my cars

Strong and built like horses

Glass of Chardonnay

I’m far from aver-age

Rich and lavish

That’s why I am the baddest bxtch

10. Sexy Gurl

Put on my French lace panties and my Enyce warm up

I said, “Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who is the baddest bxtch of them all?”

There was a quick pause

Then the mirror responded

“You know you got it locked, stop actin’ retarded”

What are some of your favorite Trina songs that we didn’t list?

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