Birthday Ballers: 10 Times Tyrese Made You Feel Like A Sweet Lady

Birthday Ballers: 10 Times Tyrese Made You Feel Like A Sweet Lady

On this day, we would like to send a very special Happy 37th Birthday shout out to the very talented and sexy Tyrese Gibson. Tyrese has been gracing us with his powerful voice for years, since his Coca-Cola commercial debut in 1994. Since then, he has also dominated on the big screen in films like Baby Boy, Fast and the Furious, Waist Deep, Transformers, Four Brothers, and so much more. I definitely can’t forget when he showed us how talented he was on Martin as Dante. To celebrate his birthday, I’ve compiled 10 songs where Tyrese made us feel like a ‘Sweet Lady’. We are taking you back to his debut album Tyrese to his time with TGT.

Lets check out the videos below:

1. Sweet Lady (Live)- Song Debut 1998

Sweet Lady makes everyone feel special. I think about how a guy is interested in this special lady who is with another guy but still wants to try and build up the courage to come and speak to her. That ‘Sweet Lady’ has been us quite a few times.

2. Sex Never Felt Better (TGT)-2013

 The title speaks for itself. TGT wanted us to know that no matter how busy our schedule is they want us to make feel like the ‘Sweet Lady’ for the night. There are times when we get so wrapped up in work and just feel overwhelmed with everything around us, and your significant other just wants to show you that you are appreciated in every way possible. “Let’s make a movie, you steal the show. You can be my leading lady baby anything goes but the bed be the set, cause I know you on some freak sh*t. Girl I really like what you be doing, so cancel all your plans cause tonight anything goes baby. Make your way over here don’t you keep me waiting too long for that body. Bring it over here, turn your phone off, leave them heels on, and take your clothes off.”

3. Signs of love Making -2010

Where do we even begin? Tyrese wants us to know that every zodiac sign has that special quality that brings out that inner freak. In other words, every sign is that ‘Sweet Lady’…By the way, I am a Cancer!

4. Lately- 2009

“I can’t imagine life without you by my side. This is love baby that I’m feeling and I’m hoping that you’re feeling the same way. Things tend to slip my mind like how you like to wine and dine baby with romantic lights. You mean a lot to me in so many ways… Lately, Have I told you I love you?” 

5. Stay – 2011

Jody and Yvette gave us another dose of their love and affection in the ‘Stay’ video. A lot of ladies can relate to the song. We have all been through the ups and downs in our relationship. We go through the rough patch and at times it is more than we can tolerate, so we want to leave. Tyrese wants you to know that he is sorry for all that he has put you through and wants you to ‘Stay.’ He will treat you like a ‘Sweet Lady’ should be.

“I know that I messed up over a thousand times. Said you wouldn’t forgive me but somehow I changed your mind and now that we’re here, I just can’t let you go and I got your ear, baby girl I gotta let you know. I go the extra mile to make you smile and just to make your day. I’ll go out my way I’ll do whatever it takes stay baby, would you just stay”

6. Nothing On You- 2012

No matter how many women come in and out of Tyrese life, you will always be his “Sweet Lady.” The other girls have nothing on you. 

“No matter how many places I go I will always call you home. They ain’t got nothing on you. I know we be fussin, think it’s always something but it’s nothing on you. If I wanted her I’d get her but you’re so much better. You ain’t gotta be around baby for me to always hold you down.
They ain’t got nothing on you….”

7. Best of Me- 2012

Every woman wants to feel like they bring out the best in their man. Tyrese talks about this ‘Sweet Lady” that brings out those special qualities in him that makes him a better man.

8. What Am I Gonna Do- 2009

All the many days you were on my mind visions of me with you all the time. You wasn’t looking for a man you made it clear and now I’m ever so glad that I have you near. Here in my life just you and I…We can do whatever we want to. I’m living my life with you by my side…One day I’m make you my wife.

9. How You Gonna Act Like that – 2009

Tyrese wants that ‘Sweet Lady’ to know that no matter how much we fuss and fight, you will forever remain that special one… That ghetto love as he calls it. 

10. (TGT) I Need – 2013

“I hope you see my heart from here, and I hope that this will make us strong. I hope the truth has made it clear, and I hope that we can learn and move on.This time the stakes are way too high, I see what I’m about to lose. It’s time I let the old me die.Mistakes or love I gotta choose”

Listening to this song, we think about that special one didn’t know what they had till it was gone. So forever, she will remain that “Sweet Lady.”


*Bonus Video* Shame from Tyrese latest album ‘Black Rose’- 2015

What are some of your favorites that didn’t make the list?

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