Brooklyn Pastor Manhandles Woman After She Interrupts Live-Streamed Service
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Bishop Lamor Whitehead Believes The FBI Is Setting Him Up As He Faces Felony Fraud Charges: “Now That I Understand What’s Going On, I Was Set Up” [Video]

Bishop Lamor Whitehead believes the FBI is setting him up after claims of him falsifying bank documents.

On a new episode of ‘Way Up With Angela Yee,’  the controversial bishop explained why he thinks the FBI is setting him up and is responsible for the recent felony charges.

“Now that I understand what’s going on, I was set up,” Whitehead said. “This guy you just spoke of is a known con man and it’s so crazy to me. Yes, he’s a white man. It’s crazy to me how the media is protecting him.”

He continued, “If everybody can google me, all you gotta do is google him. You guys are going to see it all come out that I was set up. This whole story, this whole narrative was set up because you’re going to find out that there’s a whole lot of paper going around that he’s a whistleblower. What the streets are telling me now since he did that is he’s a known informant.”

The man Whitehead is referring to is Brandon Belmonte who Whitehead allegedly met while trying to get his car repaired at his auto body shop.

“He owns an auto body shop, and he fixed my wife’s car,” Whitehead said. “He overheard me being into real estate and told me he’s into real estate, he made me a project. Listen, I just got done borrow president like two years ago and nobody bothered me. The feds didn’t bother me and now all of a sudden, this white man set me up.”

Whitehead first gain national attention after his church was robbed while he was giving a livestream sermon in July 2022. He is currently facing felony charges for allegedly faking bank documents to finance his New Jersey mansion.

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