Flashy Brooklyn Pastor Bishop Whitehead Fabricated Bank Docs To Obtain Several Loans, New Indictment Claims
Bishop Lamor Whitehead (Instagram)

Bishop Lamor Whitehead Suing New York Radio Station For Claiming That His Church is “Hiding That Old Drug Money”

Bishop Lamor Whitehead is suing a local radio station over false claims about how he acquired his wealth after being robbed at gunpoint during a live stream service.

In a popular video posted on Whitehead’s Instagram page in July, armed robbers interrupted the service and stole jewelry valued at almost $1 million.

In a lawsuit filed in the New York County Supreme Court, Whitehead claims that Tarsha Jones, the morning host of 94.7 The Block, broadcasted false information about him after the robbery.

The lawsuit states that “On or about 9/13/2022, Miss Jones, on her morning radio show on 94.7 The Block, said that Bishop Whitehead: is a ‘drug dealer,’ ‘using the church to hide that old drug money;’ ‘assaulted the young lady,’ and ‘[his] church is where he’s probably still doing his dirty work.”

His attorney called the allegations false, claiming they damaged Whitehead’s reputation as a pastor and implied criminal activity, affecting his congregation. He is suing Jones and Paramount, The Block’s parent company, for $50 million in damages.

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