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Blac Chyna Hits TikToker With Cease & Desist After Sex Trafficking Claims

Blac Chyna is going after a TikToker who claimed the video vixen tried to sex traffick her. 

Over the weekend, social media star Ava Louise made the shocking claims against Chyna, whose real name is Angela White. She explained that Chyna got in touch with her to collaborate on OnlyFans content. Louise said the two spoke via DM before she agreed to shoot with the high earning OF model. Louise said when she arrived at Chyna’s home around 4:00 A.M., she was forced to sign an NDA. However, things quickly took a turn, with Chyna making Louise stay at her house until 10:00 A.M. because that’s supposedly when her daughter, Dream, would be leaving the home. Louise ended up staying inside the house for six hours while Chyna drank alcohol, refused to let her charge her phone, and forced her to remove her makeup. Making matters worse, Chyna allegedly called someone with ties to an escort service and told them Louise would make a “good product.” Louise told viewers that while she heard Chyna on the phone, she was able to escape. 

In response to the outlandish claims, Chyna and her legal team have sent the woman a cease and desist letter, pointing out her history of intentionally making up lies about celebrities to gain clout. She famously created and spread a false story about Jeffree Star dating Kanye West, only to later admit that it was created for fun.

“Your false allegations that Ms. White engaged in such heinous criminal conduct is defamatory per se under California law,” the letter read. 

As of Monday, the video was no longer available on Louise’s TikTok, though other social media users have screen recorded and shared the viral TikTok. 

For Louise’s sake, it should remain this way. Recently, celebrities have been firing back at those who come to social media with outlandish allegations about them. 50 Cent is suing the owner of a Florida medspa for using his photo to suggest he had penile enhancement surgery. Cardi B is moving to garnish YouTuber Tasha K’s bank accounts after winning a defamation suit against her. 

Louise has not publicly responded to Chyna and her legal team. 

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