Blac Chyna Talks About ‘Painful’ Complications After Having Breast Reduction
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Blac Chyna Leaves OnlyFans For A New Family-Friendly Platform: “OnlyFans Was Catered To Exploiting Myself”

Blac Chyna has undergone another life transformation, announcing her decision to switch from her primary income source, OnlyFans, to a more family-friendly platform.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, Chyna shared the motivations behind her departure from the platform that has reportedly generated hundreds of millions of dollars.

“OnlyFans was catered to exploiting myself,” she said of the site. “It was just exploiting myself to get obviously money. But it wasn’t showing my authentic self.”

The model and reality star expressed her concerns regarding the effect of her OnlyFans content on her children, who she admitted “see everything,” and on other women.

“If somebody sees me making whatever amount of money from OnlyFans, do you know how many other women are gonna go and run and do OnlyFans because they see that I’m making this money? That’s a negative thing,” she added. “I’m going to be accountable for that come Judgment Day. I’m gonna have to reckon with that.”

Nevertheless, Chyna is embarking on a shift to Passes, a platform that does not involve nudity. On this platform, she intends to concentrate on sharing content related to entrepreneurship, health and fitness, beauty, motherhood, and various other topics. Earlier this year, Chyna spoke with Page Six about her transformative journey, which involved getting sober, eliminating facial fillers, removing butt and breast implants, and dedicating herself to clean eating and physical fitness.

“Outside of the body transformation, the spiritual and fitness journey played a major part,” she told the outlet. “When you’re making a transformation, it takes a lot of discipline.”

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