Black Beauty Influencers We Love

It’s no secret that the beauty industry can use more diversity. Oftentimes, Black creators are overlooked when they really are the ones who are setting the trends. Despite the challenges, these beauty influencers continue to make their mark while pushing for inclusivity in the beauty space, and looking good at the same d*mn time! So were giving “flowers” to these bombshells that are keeping us selfie-ready with their makeup tips and tricks and advocating for greater inclusion! Check out the list below for some of our favorite beauty influencers:

Jackie Aina

Affectionately known on the web as “auntie Jackie,” Jackie Aina is a Nigerian-American professional makeup artist turned beauty influencer who has taken the industry by storm. Her skills and wit are what have drawn so many to her platforms. She continuously uses her voice to advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the beauty industry as a whole.

Shayla Mitchell

Shayla is always serving, sharing makeup looks and even workout tips on her social media channels. She, too, uses her platform to pave the way for BIPOC in the digital beauty space, in addition to promoting body positivity.

Monica Veloz

This proud Afro-Latina bombshell isn’t afraid to live unfiltered and has been vocal about her experiences as a dark-skinned Dominican. Slaying while staying true to herself simultaneously is Monica’s specialty.

Nyma Tang

The child of South-Sudanese immigrants, Nyma constantly pushes for greater inclusion and understanding of dark-skinned women. This beauty vlogger uses her platform to test and recommend makeup products to other dark skin beauties like herself.

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