Black Lives Matter Protester Sues LAPD For Violent Arrest

A woman is suing the LAPD and the LA County Sheriff’s Department, claiming that she and other Black Lives Matter protesters were wrangled like cattle by police and treated like animals.

Laura Montilla filed a lawsuit obtained by TMZ that claims on June 1 officers wearing riot gear pounced on her and others, stopped them leaving the peaceful protests when the 5 pm curfew started, and arrested them.

She says they were thrown onto a bus and detained for several hours without food or medical attention, and the cops never read her Miranda rights.

Montilla said in an Instagram post about the arrest that they were zip-tied so tight that she lost feeling in her right hand and had bruises for days after the arrest.

The lawsuit says people were having panic attacks during the arrest so bad that they urinated on themselves on the bus. She said police ignored them and drowned out their screams by blasting heavy metal music.

Montilla said officers “aggressively touched and groped her body by patting their hands aggressively on her vagina and breasts in four separate instances.”

They were finally released in the middle of the night, but she says they were left in the middle of a neighborhood with no way to get home safely.

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