Black Medical Worker Dies Days Before His Father’s Funeral After Being Stabbed Repeatedly

David Gomoh, a medical worker in East London that was brutally attacked by a gang of men wearing medical masks has died days before his father’s funeral.

According to The Guardian, the attack took placed on April 26, when a gang of unidentified men wearing medical masks and gloves reportedly stab 24-year-old David Gomoh, a United Kingdom Health Service employee.

London authorities say David was an innocent target of a vicious attack that happened in less than 10 seconds as the gang spotted Gomoh, exited their car, and stabbed him multiple times. Authorities say no suspects or motives have yet to be determined. 

David’s mom, Marian Gomoh, tells The Daily Mail, “David was a good son, he had a lot to look forward to, but now we are preparing for his funeral. His life was cruelly taken away from him, and we still don’t know who did it. All we want is justice.”

On Wednesday, Mr. Gomoh, David’s father, passed away from an illness related to coronavirus, and now, Mrs. Gomoh and her daughter are left to deal with the unimaginable pain of burying both her husband and father, son and brother.

According to The Guardian, DI Tony Kirk of the Metropolitan police’s specialist crime command said, ”David was a young man who had worked hard to put himself through university and, like his mother, worked hard for the community in the NHS. At this time, we believe the only thing David did to be murdered was walk down a street.” Kirk added, ”I have no doubt this was a planned attack that singled out David because he happened to be in that area.”

”David and his mother, who has done so much to help the community, now need the public to come forward and tell us what they know. If you have any information, please think of this young man and the suffering of his family and call us. If you don’t want to give your name, call Crimestoppers, but do make that call. David’s family deserves both answers and justice.” Kirk said.

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