Black People Meet: I Came, I Saw, I Conquered My Curiosity

Next week I will be finishing up my first month on Black People Meet. I thought I would share with you guys a little about my experience.



First of all let’s talk about what prompted me to join Black People Meet. I was up late one night, watching BET when a Black People Meet commercial comes on. All the actors were gorgeous, happy and all found love. Now, I’m not really looking for love but I’m a pretty curious person so I had to see what it was about. 



I typed the URL in my web browser and decided to start a free trial. Instantly the first few guys I saw on there were amazing! They had jobs, goals and were sexier than anything running around in my own city. Very enticing. I saw this one pretty young thing that I wanted to get to know. I said “Why not, i’m here, let me get the full Black People Meet experience”. I clicked on Send Messagebut wait, only full members can do that. So you’re telling me I couldn’t e-mack to this fine dude because I have a free membership? Welp, on to the next! A few minutes later I get an email saying that someone has sent me a message on Black People Meet. A message? Already? Cool! So, I went to check my messages and BOOM! Once again, you can’t do that as a free member. Ok BPM, you got me! I decided I was going to sign up for whichever was the cheapest deal they had (which was the one month deal for like $13.00). 


$13.00 later I was now a member of Black People Meet and was perusing the profiles of men from Texas to New York. Some fine, most homely looking. Came across a few obviously fake profiles:




Clearly I know Morris Chestnut wasn’t on Black People Meet and I think this stranger n-gga does too. Anyway, I sent flirts(pre-made messages to let them know you checked out their page) to the ones I thought were super fine. I was cyber pimping baby! I look over to the left of the page and see there are some more goodies that I didn’t get to play with, like my Messages box! So I open up my Inbox and find quite a few new messages, one from a guy right in my own city. His looks? Well, he wasn’t my type (at all) but he said I was beautiful and it’s only right to say thank you…especially since on Black People Meet you can pay $4.00 a month extra to get notifications that someone checked your messages. I replied. Then he replied. I ignored. He sent me a chat. I was like “How the hell he do that?” and I ignored it too. Then he sent me another message and I was already over it. Black People Meet also has this feature that allows you to see who’s been to your page and how many times. I wish I knew this while I was browsing. Now some of these dudes are getting the idea that I even somehow care about them just because they saw my name pop up on their page.


Day 2 and maybe even 3 I was determined to find someone on the website that was remotely close to what they show on the commercials. I came across guys in Atlanta that looked like this:

I almost logged out at that very moment until I found the guy that looked like this: 

Now he was way more my speed. So I sent him a flirt telling him he was cute. A couple of days later he replies and says he’d like to give me a call sometime. Now me, I’m no idiot, I’m not giving this stranger my real number. Luckily for me I am a user of Google Voice (look it up) and I gave him that number instead. The following day I get a call from Mr. 404…sorta. I answered the phone in my sexy voice to find out it was a recording to find out how I can make money selling magazines or whatever. Goodbye Mr. 404 smh.


Now not everyone on Black People Meet is black by the way. Some just want to meet them a Nubian Goddess. Take this rich white man from Michigan for example:


He’s actually pretty attractive for an old white man, if you’re in to that sort of thing. He talked about how he travels for work, had lots of pictures of him in exotic places and on boats, everything that would attract a woman like myself. He said that he comes to my city often. I told him to hit me up the next time he’s out here and we’ll do lunch….in a public place because I’m not trying to get hacked into pieces and found in a back alley. 



When I wasn’t getting messages from rich white guys I was getting things like this:


And this is when I realized I’m not here for this at all. Even if I were looking for love, I feel like days, weeks, of my time were wasted. I’m sure it may work for others if you’re patient and can sift through the BS (like offline relationships) but I’d much rather set up sex appointments in my DM’s on Twitter. I do have tons of positive things to say about BPM though. If you’re patient and enjoy talking to and meeting new people, this is a great site. If you’re just browsing and want to occasionally befriend a beautiful person you’re better off on Facebook. Depending on what you need to find love, this may be the site for you. It just didn’t do a whole lot for me.

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