Black Teens Attacked For Using Alleged "Whites Only" Pool in South Africa

Viral Video Shows Black Teens Being Attacked For Using Alleged “Whites Only” Pool in South Africa

Over the holidays, two black teens were attacked in a now-viral video by white men at the Maselspoort Resort & Conference Center near Bloemfontein in the Free State of South Africa.

According to the boy’s sister, a white man was seen yelling at one of the black teenage boys while attempting to pull him out of the pool.  The teen then got out of the pool and tried to approach the man but was pushed back into the water. Soon after, his brother attempted to confront the man following the physical altercation and was then strangled by the same white man.

The man’s hands were seen firmly grasping the boy’s neck as he was pushed up against the wooden fence enclosing the pool area.

Before the boy could free himself, another white man outside the pool’s fence grabbed him by his hair.

One of the older boys shown at the start of the video is then seen putting the man in a headlock-type manner before they dive into the pool, forcibly entangled with one another.
As the situation escalated, the camera cut off. However, a Free State police spokesperson detailed the incident in a statement to News24, saying, “On arrival, members found the groups already dispersed and were approached by a parent of one of the victims who alleged that his two teenage boys, aged 18 and 13, were assaulted by a group of white males over the usage of a swimming pool.”
Following the incident, police released a statement stating that they were investigating the attack.

“Glen Police are investigating a case of assault common, and the docket will be taken to court for decision,” police said.  “The suspects, all white males as seen on the video circulating, were warned to appear in court on a date set by the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court.”

Local reports indicate that South African Tourism denounces racism and rejects racial profiling by patrons or establishments.

“All South Africans, as well as all visitors alike, have the right to enjoy South Africa… we must connect with each other as we explore our country and also open our hearts and doors to welcome visitors from all over the world,” officials said in the statement.

According to reports, the white men in the video have continued residing at Maslespoort since the December 25 incident.

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