Texas Judge Rules School Didn't Violate CROWN Act When Suspending Black Student Over Locs
Darryl George, who attends Barbers Hill High School in Mont Belvie (NBC)

Black Texas High School Student, Previously Suspended for Locs, Faces Another Suspension Over Hairstyle

Sources say that a black student at Barbers Hill High in Texas has been suspended numerous times due to his location.
According to the family’s spokesperson, Dr. Candice Matthews, Darryl George, 18, was recently suspended again for not cutting his hair, which violated the school’s dress code policy.
People obtained a copy of the referral notice, which read: “Darryl’s hair is out of compliance with the BH dress code when let down.  If Darryl corrects his dress code violation, he will be allowed to return to his regular classes.” The notice states that he will serve 13 days of in-school suspension.
We are “just trying to take it day by day,” said Darryl’s mom, Darresha George.
“We’re trying to hang in there, get through the motions,” she told CNN Tuesday. “We’re not going to back down. I don’t care what tactics they try. We’re not backing down.”
According to the family, Darryl had to report to in-school suspension for his twisted locs.  That following month, he was suspended again and moved to a disciplinary program for maintaining the same hairstyle.
Later that month, his family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton, alleging that Darryl’s suspension violated Texas’ CROWN Act, which prohibits natural hair discrimination in schools and workplaces.

The lawsuit claimed Abbott and Paxton didn’t protect Darryl’s rights against discrimination and free speech.

Darryl “should be permitted to wear his hair in the manner in which he wears it … because the so-called neutral grooming policy has no close association with learning or safety and, when applied, disproportionately impacts Black males,” argued Allie Booker, the family’s attorney.

“We are going to move to have the CROWN Act declared unconstitutional due to the manipulation of verbiage by the school.”


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